Joanne Julian


“Joanne Julian calls our attention to the beauty and transcendence of the natural world that surrounds us,” states contemporary art curator and writer Jay Belloli. Julian credits her old world, Armenian upbringing that paid attention to detail in lace making and tailoring. She earned her BA and MA degrees in sculpture and printmaking from California State University, Northridge and MFA from Otis Art Institute of Parson School of Design. A gifted educator, Julian taught at College of the Canyons and CSUN. Her work as Director of the College of the Canyons Art Gallery included curating exhibitions that celebrated the works of beginning artists to historic masters. Her work flows from prints to paintings to drawings, using techniques from Japan that embrace simplification of form and free strokes. The series, Zen Circles, combines boldly dramatic free brush strokes with the detailed painting of traditional Japanese hair styles or natural elements like water or air. More Asian influence is found in paintings of gingko leaves and goldfish that begin with daubs or drips of color around which controlled brush strokes form images. She has exhibited throughout California and is widely collected by both individuals and corporations. You won’t want to miss this exploration of Joanne Julian is an artist who uses art not to teach but to evoke an emotional response that is different for each viewer.

Joanne Julian’s documentation took place in 2014 and was sponsored by Patricia & David Herman. The AfterGLOW was prepared by The Old Broads Catering Company and served at Focus On The Masters.