Focus on the Masters Arts Archive & Library
Learning To See Outreach Art Showcase
at Two County Libraries!

The creative spirit is on display! Learning To See Outreach (LTS) artists taught students in lessons that focused on artists whose indigenous roots inform their artwork today with special attention to inspiration from the Earth.

LTS Education Director, Aimee French, says, “Art is a valuable way to study and gain appreciation for our environment. When students look more closely and discover things they hadn’t seen before, they get excited. That excitement gets transformed into their artwork, nurturing sensitivity, and caring for the world around them.”

FOTM documents the lives and works of extraordinary artists from our community, providing art programming for all ages. Each lesson of the innovative LTS in-school, hands-on art program is inspired by one of these artists, beginning with a PowerPoint presentation and demonstration. Students then apply themselves to their own art projects, gaining confidence and respect for themselves and others as they realize the rewards of creativity and concentrated endeavor. With an emphasis on critical thinking and innovation, art anchors them to a greater caring for their community and celebration of cultural diversity.