Michael Pearce


Portrait © Donna Granata 2012

Neolithic man aligned massive stones with the sun, building places of worship and ritual. Alchemical philosophers distilled elements to find pure essence, creating allegories and symbols to express their understanding of God and the universe. Neolithic monuments and the fire of alchemy are echoed in the paintings, sculpture and installations of Michael Pearce. His aim is to discover the truth of materials and places. His art is an ongoing search for the mind of God in the natural world. Chair of the Art Department at California Lutheran University, Pearce teaches Life Drawing and Painting, Oil Painting, and a class called Transgressive Art, Subversive Society. He is the curator of the Kwan Fong Gallery. Previously, Pearce was the resident designer at Westmont College’s Lit Moon Theatre Company. Born in Britain, Pearce earned a BA from Dartington College of Arts, his MFA from USC and his Ph.D. from Plymouth University, England. He came to California in 1990.

Michael Pearce’s documentation took place in 2009 and was sponsored by an anoymous supporter. The FOTM Archive contains extensive information about this artist.