Leslie McQuaide


Portrait © Donna Granata 2011

Clay, bits of old jewelry and thrift shop cast-offs are the tools of Leslie McQuaide’s trade.  Her work can at first seem humorous, but humor is merely the door through which we enter into her personal history.  Objects become symbols that are both familiar and highly personal.  They form sculptures that provoke rueful smiles of acknowledgment.  McQuaide’s art is an affirmation of her core belief that we are all carriers of a divine nature and reflects her abiding interest in, as Tolstoy put it, “the meddling of God in the daily affairs of men.”  In 2018 her work, life-size complex fabric creations evoking shamans and mystical femininity, was exhibited at 643 Project Space in Ventura.

Leslie McQuaide’s documentation took place in 2010 and was co-sponsored by Joyce and Ted Lombard and Dr. Norma Beck.  The FOTM Archive contains extensive information about this artist.