Lynn Hanson


Longing 2016, oil on canvas by Lynn Hanson

Lynn Hanson’s work stems from a rapt attention and visceral connection to the natural world: from a childhood spent stalking garter snakes at Whiskey Ditch in rural Minnesota to a daily ritual of exploring beaches and canyons along the California coast. Hanson’s studio, which for a long time was in the wild garden of her Venice cottage, is now a WW II Quonset hut located in Ventura along the railroad tracks, just above the Pacific Ocean. Amidst her cache of skulls, crow’s nests, black widows in mason jars, mermaid’s purses, and other finds, she transcribes her field notes. The work carries an undercurrent of longing: drawings of native wildlife on vintage maps, paintings: the gray sea, heaps of rope, and shelters of wrack and bramble and pinhole and chlorophyll photography from the wanderings. Lynn Hanson has exhibited internationally and is represented in many prestigious and diverse collections including LACMA, Ed Ruscha and San Francisco 49ers to name just a few. Lynn Hanson was extensively documented in 2017 and was sponsored by John & Cherie Brant. The AfterGlow was hosted by Martin & Virginia Furmanski.

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