Karen Lewis


Ripening by Karen Lewis, 12”x12” oil on canvas

World War II. A Japanese prison camp in the Philippines. A girl passes the time cutting out and coloring paper dolls.  Is this when the artistic career of Karen K. Lewis began?  Karen, a member of the prestigious Ojai Studio Artists, will open her studio in October during the popular Ojai Studio Artists Tour.  She earned her BA at UCLA and MFA from Lehman College in the Bronx.  From 1954 to 1990, Karen and her husband Craig lived in Washington, D.C. and New York City. Rearing 4 children did not diminish Karen’s interest in pursuing arts education.  During this time she was energized by the women’s movement and her enthusiasm for developing a personal style flourished.  Under the tutelage of Jacob Kainen, Karen’s style became looser, more open and emotional.  She began exhibiting regularly in SoHo, NYC, while teaching art at

high school and college levels.  Resettling in southern California gave rise to plein air painting as Karen found new inspiration in the outdoors.  She also continues to do studio painting and printmaking, work that is characterized by bold strokes and a profusion of intense color.

Lewis’s documentation took place in 2012 and was sponsored by Yvette & Richard Franklin and Mary & James Galbraith. The AfterGLOW was hosted by Kevin and Christine Beirne.

The Focus On The Masters archive has extensive information about this artist.