A Conversation with Lori Cozen-Geller

Postponed – Date/Time to be Announced

Lori Cozen-Geller is a minimalist sculptor working in metal, wood and fiberglass, overlaid with automotive paint. The artist creates geometric shapes that stand alone and as wall sculptures with cutout shapes. The incised pieces create an interplay between positive and negative space. Cozen-Geller’s career as an artist was birthed from the intense grief of the loss of her father. The work is driven by emotion and intuition. She explains her process as “a journey that begins with a feeling” and develops into a piece of art by “…freezing emotions and placing them into concrete form.” The work is highly crafted and reminiscent of the Finish Fetish School utilizing high gloss surfaces. “Although my art is an expression of my own personal feelings, these emotions are universal to all mankind. Human beings share the same emotional palette even though each of us has a differing set of life circumstances. The energy of life is the fuel that ignites my passion to express.” 

To learn more about Lori, visit www.LoriCozenGeller.com.

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