Ocean View School District  2022 -2023

Each lesson is inspired by the life and work of a Focus on the

Masters Documented Artist.

Carlos Grasso photographed with Mind Tapestry #19 – Center part (8 x 16 feet) of the big 8 x 46 feet complete work.

Recto Verso Lesson inspired by artist Carlos Grasso

Carlos Grasso studied both visual arts and music as a child while growing up in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He worked as a professional flautist and graphic designer before moving to Southern California where he found his passion for painting. As an apprentice to FOTM documented master artist David Leffel, Carlos honed his skills in realism and life drawing. The freedom of abstraction has driven his later works, mixing “the outside world” and “the inside world”. His collage-based compositions juxtapose found objects with abstract paintings, creating a dialogue between the tangible and the intangible, the subjective and the material. Learn more about his work HERE.


Front & Back #3 – 36″ x 36″
Front & Back #2 – 36″ x 36″
Front & Back #1 – 45″ x 40″
Front & Back #5 – 39″ x 33″

Student Artwork

Click on each image to see the full view! Check back soon for more student artwork!


Our standard 8-week in-the-classroom residency is $600 (including instructor and supplies).
You can “Adopt A Classroom” for $600.00. Click HERE to Donate.

Four week and single lessons are also available. Our lessons are cross-curricular and support the California content standards. Many of them can be tailored and grouped to work with a particular unit of study, i.e. zoology, social studies, history, language arts, sciences, etc. They are adaptable to a wide range of grade levels from elementary through secondary grades and beyond, including community groups and programs. Programs are supported in a variety of ways, including school and PTA funds, grants, or personal donations from an individual or group of parents/grandparents.

Our program is taught by professional artists who have extensive educational experience. We feel that this criterion helps to guide the student with a deeper understanding of the art making process.

For more information, or to arrange a residency in your neighborhood, call 805.653.2501 or email [email protected].


Your donations support the programs that are at the heart of the FOTM’s mission…

to document and archive extraordinary artists and their work through photographic portraits, audio and video interviews and biographical research that encompass each artist’s experiences, artistic reflections and development; and 2) to present this work to a broad public through extensive education outreach to all ages – including at-risk youth through our Learning to See Youth Outreach program, Art & The Creative Spirit Enrichment Program for Seniors, a public monthly Artist Spotlight Series, exhibitions, publications, website and an extensive resource library.

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