We’re Hiring Teaching Artists for Learning to See Classroom Residencies

Focus on the Masters Arts Archive and Library is seeking qualified Teaching Artists for their in-school art program, Learning To See Outreach

Job requirements:

  • Professional artist and fine arts education required – fine arts degree preferred.
  • Teaching experience in grades K-8
  • Experienced and adaptable to a wide range of educational situations
  • Confident social skills and professionalism
  • Proactive communication via email
  • Strong time management
  • Must have reliable form of transportation
  • Must pass TB clearance and background check.

Time commitments:

  • September 2023 – June 2024
  • Must be willing to teach at least 3 residencies per week.
  • Ideally, multiple residencies would all be taught in one day.
  • More than one day a week could be available.
  • About 10 hours of training

Job description:

  • Teach art in public schools, grades k-8.
  • 8-10 week residencies – A residency is one lesson per week over a designated period of weeks in the same classroom.
  • Follow established Learning To See lesson plans: Each of our lessons is inspired by an extraordinary artist from our community.
  • 45 min – 1 hour for each lesson
  • Plus necessary prep, set up and cleanup time for each classroom/lesson.
  • Approximately 30 students in each classroom
  • Teach a variety of mediums, styles, and concepts.
  • All art supplies are provided.

$60 per lesson
$20/hour during training

We are currently accepting applications!
The deadline for submitting your information is Wednesday August 23, 2023 by noon.