So thankful to YOU!

Thank you to all of our donors who contributed to FOTM’s very successful year-end matching campaign! Through the generosity of the Jessica & Stanley Prescott Trust and Jordan Laby, contributions before December 31, 2019, were matched one to one.

Together, we raised $29,224.50!!!

Your contribution helped us to:

  • Hire additional teachers for our Learning To See (LTS) Outreach
  • Buy quality art supplies for the LTS students
  • Mount three spring LTS exhibitions with over 500 works of art at the Museum of Ventura County, and the Ojai and Oxnard Libraries
  • Pay our monthly rent for the Artists Spotlight Venue at the Museum of Ventura County

Your donations support the programs that are the heart of our mission, to document and archive extraordinary artists and their work and to present this work to a broad public through extensive education outreach to all ages.

We are grateful every day for your generous support. Thank you!

Khaled & Sheryl Al-Awar

Wendell Allen

Barbara & Tony Askew

Shed & June Behar

Jane Belbusti

Donna Bennett

Robert A Brown

Craig Burkhart

Julie & Jonathan Caldwell

Jacquelyn Cavish

Gabriel Chacon

Betsy Chess

Freddie Contarino

Maryann Cord

Jeff & Charlene Ducote

Linda & John Dullam

Russ & Nina Easton Schriefer

Steve & Pat Edwards

Paul & Linda Ekstrom

Dorothy Elchoness

David Elder

Larry & Maria Erlichman

Nancy Escher

Handel & Carol Evans

Jerry Clifford & Bijian Fan

Cecile Faulconer

Gail Faulkner

Art & Kitty Freilich

Mary & Jim Galbraith

Nansi Bielanski & David Gallup

Judy & George Gibbs

Marie Schoeff & Dane Goodman

Larry Manson & Delia Gorey

Irv Hilf

Chris & Wendy Hilgers

Peggy Hinshaw

Tony & Barbara Hirsch

Michael & Naomi Inaba

Susan R. & Dan Kaufman

Doug & Julie Kays

Maggie Kildee

Bill & Judy Layman

Jo Ellen Lee

Karen & Craig Lewis

Daniel Long

Miriam & Darryl Mack

Debra McKillop

Gerri & Tom McMillin

Virginia Kron & Stephen Newkirk

Bob & Norma Privitt

Kay Renius

Michael Rohde

Teal Rowe

Sal & Edy Santangelo

Randi Seigel

Marti & John Sutton

Linda Taylor

Jeanne & Gene Thompson

Margaret Travers

Melissa Trumbo

Patricia Tugwell

Elaine Unzicker

Gale Willhite

Wendy Winet

Hiroko Yoshimoto

Brent Hanson & Jorge Zambrano