Learning to See LessonBiodiversityInspired by Hiroko Yoshimoto

Hiroko states, “The series, Biodiversity reflects my ardent wish that life’s diversity would continue to flourish in the face of accelerated destructive forces created by human hands. The seemingly infinite and wondrous diversity of life forms, like the microbes in a drop of water, inspires unique colors, shapes, and lines that then come alive on my canvas.”

The Biodiversity series is a perfect model of the connection between science and art. Before this lesson starts, students are invited outside to look straight down on the ground, as Hiroko has done, observing the plant and mineral life below their feet. LTS Teaching Artists lead conversations with the students about the interdependence of all living things and how they are affected right where the students are standing.

Once in the classroom, students are directed to use the plants and rocks placed on their tables for inspiration, not copying. LTS students learn how to tell the story of biodiversity as Hiroko does using the elements and principles of art and design.