Jordon Laby


Photo supplied by Jordon Laby

Credit for much of the vibrancy of our arts community can be traced to a pool vacuum. How is that possible? Jordan Laby, dyslexic and partly color-blind, knew from an early age how to take things apart and put them back together, to make them better than before. As a teen, Jordan’s habit of falling asleep while listening to classical music bothered his mom. So he created a clock radio, using a radio and a clock found in an alley that would automatically turn off the radio. (Necessity is perhaps Mother’s invention?) It seems that Jordan was meant to be an inventor, a builder, a fixer and, most of all, a person who understands the value of hard work. Jordan holds innumerable patents ranging from swimming-pool cleaners to anesthesia equipment that are testament to his creative genius. The Polaris pool vacuum created a nest egg that allowed Jordan and his wife Sandra to establish the San Buenaventura Foundation for the Arts. Jordan never forgot his love of music and he has never wavered in his desire to share his good fortune with others, to enrich the community and to capitalize on our community’s greatest asset: its artists. The Laby’s fingerprints can be found wherever creative minds are working – theater, dance, music, visual arts, and especially arts education for youngsters.

Laby’s documentation was sponsored by Paula Spellamn. The AfterGlow was hosted by Betsy Chess. The FOTM Archive contains extensive information about this artist.