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John White

John WhitePainter/Performance Artist Portrait © Donna Granata 2011 Serendipity and playful fate led John White, a young man working in a brewery whose loftiest aim was to be a professional golfer, to achieve success as a working artist.  White credits his early...

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Nancy Whitman

Nancy WhitmanPainter Portrait © Donna Granata 2004 Born in Chicago, Nancy Whitman earned a fine arts degree from the University of Wisconsin. She followed this with a year of graduate study at the Chicago Art Institute and another extremely formative year in Paris,...

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Beatrice Wood

Beatrice Wood Ceramist Portrait © Donna Granata 1995 (1893 - 1998) World renowned for her exquisite luster glazes and whimsical figures, Beatrice Wood’s fascinating life beckoned the most avid art historians to her door. She was one of the last survivors of one of the...

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Jenchi Wu

Jenchi WuEducator/Ceramist Photo supplied by the artist A ceramics class changed Jenchi Wu’s life.  Having emigrated from Taiwan in 1990, Jenchi studied at community colleges in Stockton and Pasadena, pursuing a curriculum that included courses in the arts.  Once she...

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George Yepes

George Yepes Painter Portrait © Donna Granata 2009 George Yepes’ works cannot easily be ignored. The rich colors grab us first and we have to keep looking. His art challenges assumptions about icons both religious and popular and has been described as the best of both...

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Hiroko Yoshimoto

Hiroko Yoshimoto Painter Portrait © Donna Granata 2000 Hiroko Yoshimoto was born and raised in Japan and moved to Los Angeles when she was a teenager. She received her undergraduate and Masters Degree from UCLA, graduating with the highest honors. Her work has been...

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Elyn Zimmerman

Elyn ZimmermanWorks on paper/Sculptor Scholar's Rock, 2005, Institute for Advanced Studies, Princeton, NJ In different ways, Elyn Zimmerman's works on paper and site specific installations explore conditions of the natural world and celebrate images and materials of...

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